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  1. Forest Full-Grain Leather
    Asby Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Asby Desk Blotter
    Refined desk set in padded full-grain leather.
  2. Blue Tie Dye Canvas/Tobacco Full-Grain Leather
    Bray Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Bray Desk Blotter
    Hand-dyed cotton canvas desk set with dark brown leather trim.
  3. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Crosby Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Crosby Desk Blotter
    Fine faux shagreen enters the study in three favorite finishes. Lined with wood veneer.
  4. Gray Hair-on-Hide
    Hyde Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Hyde Desk Blotter
    The Hyde's hair-on-hide leather is paired with a subtle combination of texture and color that brings a worldly masculinity to the stateliest of studies. Now available in gray hair-on-hide!
  5. Dappled Gray Vellum Leather
    Kiruna Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Kiruna Desk Blotter
    Faux vellum collection in Dappled Gray with light chambray lining.
  6. Natural Bagor Grass
    Koba Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Koba Desk Blotter
    Contemporary woven grass desk set harkens to a favorite 70s trend.
  7. Dalmatian Print Hair-On-Hide
    Lacey Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Lacey Desk Blotter
    A desk collection that can be spotted from afar! Dalmatian print hair-on-hide that handsomely accents home or office with added personality.
  8. Black Full-Grain Leather
    Larne Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Larne Desk Blotter
    Black leather desk set with white contrast stitching.
  9. Aged Camel Full-Grain Leather
    Leon Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Leon Desk Blotter
  10. Merida Desk Blotter
    Merida Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Merida Desk Blotter
    Natural buntal desk set.
  11. Dark Gray Poly Hemp
    Napali Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Napali Desk Blotter
    Organic desk set made from thin strands of woven poly hemp.
  12. Cream Full-Grain Leather
    Orsett Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Orsett Desk Blotter
    Light, bright, and luxurious cream leather desk set.
  13. Silver Leaf Antique Mirror
    Positano Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Positano Desk Blotter
    Reflect timelessness. Antiqued desk set with silver-leafed edges.
  14. Brown Candy Striped Hair-On-Hide
    Riga Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Riga Desk Blotter
    Candy Striped desk collection in soft hair-on-hide.
  15. Tobacco Full-Grain Leather
    Stirling Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Stirling Desk Blotter
    Deep brown leather desk set with natural chambray interior.
  16. Gold Foil Full-Grain Leather
    Viana Desk Blotter Shop collection
    Viana Desk Blotter
    Spotted Gold Foil on full-grain leather delivers a desk set that will dazzle any den or awe any office.

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