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  1. Antiqued Gold Antique Mirror
    Atwater Tumbler Shop collection
    Atwater Tumbler
    Antiqued mirror bath collection with silver or gold-leafed wood trim.
  2. Brass Mix Shell/Metal Mix
    Cortona Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Cortona Tumbler Set
    Add some understated glamour with the Cortona's sparkle. Clamstone and troca shells show the offset pattern's shimmer while metal rods add the shine. Go with brass to warm up a space, or cool it down with silver.
  3. 2x2 Braided Seagrass
    Destin Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Destin Tumbler Set
    Braided and woven seagrass with rounded edges puts this bath collection at the beach. Features the new rectangular double toilet paper holder.
  4. Natural Bagor Grass
    Ghent Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Ghent Tumbler Set
    Textured woven grass bath collection.
  5. Bleached Rattan
    Kona Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Kona Tumbler Set
    Bring island life to your everyday with the sophisticated rattan of our Kona collection. The pieces are set in resin for easy cleaning.
  6. Black Matte Marble
    Luxor Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Luxor Tumbler Set
    The bold, black marble of our Luxor collection makes a luxurious statement. The weight and sturdiness of each piece are as impressive as its appearance.
  7. Black Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Manchester Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Manchester Tumbler Set
    Every piece is crafted to highlight the natural “eye" pattern inspired by authentic shagreen, and topped with a veneer trim.Now available in black!
  8. Gray Romblon Stone
    Milan Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Milan Tumbler Set
    Striated Romblon stone bath collection. Perfect with both black and white.
  9. Faux Clamstone with Brass
    Palermo II Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Palermo II Tumbler Set
    This handsome faux clamstone bath collection has a nuanced striation and a new brass trim.
  10. Faux Malachite
    Porter Hand Towel Tray Shop collection
    Porter Hand Towel Tray
    Handcrafted from emerald faux malachite, our Porter collection introduces opulence to the bathroom and vanity.
  11. Faux Malachite
    Porter Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Porter Tumbler Set
    Handcrafted from emerald faux malachite, our Porter collection introduces opulence to the bathroom and vanity.
  12. Black Nickel Ribbed Metal
    Redon Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Redon Tumbler Set
    The antiqued brass and black nickel set can elevate an industrial setting, or pair the shiny nickel with glass accessories for an Art Deco feel.
  13. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Tenby Tumbler Set Shop collection
    Tenby Tumbler Set
    Stunning bath collection in our signature faux shagreen with an elevated rounded corner detail. Appropriate for the most discriminating bathrooms.