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  1. Blue Sisal
    Bexley Shop collection
    A Pigeon & Poodle first. Natural or Blue tightly woven grass market bag with sturdy leather straps holds everything from produce to personal items in style.
  2. Blair
    Blair Shop collection
    Deep and delicately woven in raffia, our Blair tote is a go-to for trips to a favorite market, beach, or brunch spot.
    More sizes available
  3. Natural Seagrass
    Elko Shop collection
    Market finds fit perfectly in this woven seagrass bag, with fully wrapped edges and durable leather straps. Two sizes.
    More sizes available
  4. Bleached Abaca
    Neenah Shop collection
    Bleached abaca bag crafted with contrasting rich brown straps. Two sizes.
    More sizes available
  5. Light Green Cotton Jute/Aged Camel Full-Grain Leather
    Pierre Shop collection
    Classic-meets-modern jute market tote with wide, full-grain leather straps and trim includes striking details like embossed logo and handcrafted stitching.
  6. Bleached Abaca/Gold
    Pima Shop collection
    Bleached abaca tote shimmers with gold thread pattern. Durable leather straps. One size.
  7. Natural Straw
    Prague Shop collection
    Elevate trips to the market with our Prague shopper bag, a handcrafted straw and leather tote that encapsulates effortless European style.
    More sizes available
  8. Deep Green Velvet/Full-Grain Leather
    Quebec Shop collection
    A versatile shopper in luxe velvet with full-grain leather accents.
  9. Multi-Colored Abaca
    Regina Shop collection
    All-new abaca tote in a warm or cool color palette.

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