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  1. Dark Horn
    Essen Shop collection
    Frame collection made of real African horn.
    More sizes available
  2. Natural Horn
    Essen Double Frame Shop collection
    Essen Double Frame
    Frame collection made of real African horn.
  3. Spotted Gold Bone
    Ismailia Shop collection
    A blend of whimsy and opulence, this frame collection features gleaming gold or silver spots on bone.
    More sizes available
  4. Dotted Gray Bone
    Muret Shop collection
    Abstract patterns on Dotted Gray bone, with contrasting edges and veneer back, make this contemporary frame an eye-catcher in any space.
    More sizes available
  5. Natural Bone
    Oslo Shop collection
    Sophisticated simplicity. Natural bone frame collection with a smooth, organic feel and subtle curves.
    More sizes available
  6. Dark Chiseled Horn
    Rauma Shop collection
    A stately frame of Dark chiseled horn, solid black inner frame, veneer back and rounded corners.
    More sizes available
  7. Natural Bone
    Vannes Shop collection
    Beveled bone frame collection.
    More sizes available
  8. Natural Bone
    Velden Shop collection
    For the love of bone! We didn’t think this classic material could get any more chic, but our Velden is quite the naturally hued beauty. Hand-etched ribbing adds depth to the frame’s finish for a lovely foyer detail or bedroom display.
    More sizes available
  9. Dark Mix Horn
    Winslow Shop collection
    Four layers of shiny natural horn create a dramatic display for drawings, photos, and other keepsakes.
    More sizes available
  10. Natural Bone/Distressed Gold
    Zeya Shop collection
    Zeya’s richly dotted pattern—in either natural or distressed gold—gently calls attention to treasured mementos.
    More sizes available