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  1. Beige Marble
    Athlone Tray Set Shop collection
    Athlone Tray Set
    Athlone is crafted from panels of marble strategically placed to showcase the material’s natural striations and stripes. The marble’s thickness and sharp corners give this beigey, neutral collection a certain crispness.
  2. Charcoal Faux Silk
    Bruges Trays Shop collection
    Bruges Trays
    The delicate look of fabric with the longevity of resin. Hand-finished with wood trim.
  3. Lava Slate Abaca Fiber
    Chelston Trays Shop collection
    Chelston Trays
    Softly structured abaca bath collection.
    More sizes available
  4. Natural Rattan
    Dalton Trays Shop collection
    Dalton Trays
    Organic dyes and detailed craftsmanship elevate this handmade rattan collection now in a Natural finish.
  5. 2x2 Braided Seagrass
    Destin Trays Shop collection
    Destin Trays
    Braided and woven seagrass with rounded edges puts this bath collection at the beach. Features the new rectangular double toilet paper holder.
  6. Natural Bagor Grass
    Ghent Tray Set Shop collection
    Ghent Tray Set
    Textured woven grass bath collection.
  7. Dark Mushroom Faux Boa
    Goa Trays Shop collection
    Goa Trays
    Get an understated edge thanks to the eye-catching boa of our Goa collection. Each piece, topped with a wood veneer trim, showcases the highs and lows of the pattern's color and texture.
  8. Bleached Rattan
    Kona Tray Set Shop collection
    Kona Tray Set
    Bring island life to your everyday with the sophisticated rattan of our Kona collection. The pieces are set in resin for easy cleaning.
  9. Natural Bagor Grass/Resin
    Loures Trays Shop collection
    Loures Trays
    Handwoven bagor grass bath collection with a thick resin coating.
  10. Beige Abaca/White Resin
    Maranello Tray Shop collection
    Maranello Tray
    Abaca bath collection evokes serenity. Resin-coated and lined with painted wood.
    More sizes available
  11. Natural Rattan/White Resin
    Ostend Tray Set Shop collection
    Ostend Tray Set
    Painted rattan bath collection set in resin.
  12. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Tenby Tray Set Shop collection
    Tenby Tray Set
    Stunning bath collection in our signature faux shagreen with an elevated rounded corner detail. Appropriate for the most discriminating bathrooms.
  13. Bleached Vava Rattan
    Tifton Tray Set Shop collection
    Tifton Tray Set
    Rattan bath collection with subtle tonality.