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  1. White Porcelain
    Alanya Soap Pump Shop collection
    Alanya Soap Pump
    This coral-patterned white porcelain bathroom collection merges natural beauty with smart design, creating a look for the bathroom that is both organic and refined.
  2. Navy Faux Horn
    Arles Soap Pump Shop collection
    Arles Soap Pump
    Silky and sleek, this faux horn collection now features a large, rectangular tissue box.
  3. Navy Faux Horn
    Arles Xl Soap Pump Shop collection
    Arles Xl Soap Pump
    Silky and sleek, this faux horn collection now features a large, rectangular tissue box.
  4. Gray Faux Marble Horn
    Bordeaux Soap Pump Shop collection
    Bordeaux Soap Pump
    Rose, graphite, and cream lightly swirl through tiles of faux marble horn that make our Bordeaux collection look exceptionally lovely in any bathroom.
  5. White Porcelain
    Burma Soap Pump Shop collection
    Burma Soap Pump
    Outdoors-inspired bath collection marries modern and organic especially in the hand-shaped soap dish.
  6. White Burl Resin
    Charlotte Soap Pump Shop collection
    Charlotte Soap Pump
    Our Charlotte bath collection is the epitome of quiet elegance, defined by clean lines and lightly textured burl resin.
  7. Gray Burlap Ceramic
    Cordoba Soap Pump Shop collection
    Cordoba Soap Pump
    Ceramic bath collection with burlap texture.
  8. Brass Mix Shell/Metal Mix
    Cortona Soap Pump Shop collection
    Cortona Soap Pump
    Add some understated glamour with the Cortona’s sparkle. Clamstone and troca shells show the offset pattern’s shimmer while metal rods add the shine. Go with brass to warm up a space, or cool it down with silver.
  9. Natural Rattan
    Dalton Soap Pump Shop collection
    Dalton Soap Pump
    Organic dyes and detailed craftsmanship elevate this handmade rattan collection now in a Natural finish.
  10. White Faux Belgian Linen
    Dannes Soap Pump Shop collection
    Dannes Soap Pump
    Waxed faux Belgian linen collection. A favorite Pigeon & Poodle finish.
  11. Natural Oyster Shell
    Enna Soap Pump Shop collection
    Enna Soap Pump
    Evocative and bold oyster shell bath collection.
  12. Smoked Herringbone Capiz
    Handa Soap Pump Shop collection
    Handa Soap Pump
    The Handa’s subtle shimmer of capiz shell set in a classy herringbone pattern is a perfect pairing of grace and glamour. Choose from two finishes—smoked or pearlized.
  13. White Porcelain
    Hilo Soap Pump Shop collection
    Hilo Soap Pump
    Our Hilo brings the beauty of the sea to your bath. Crisp, white porcelain adorned with a delicate sea urchin pattern provides a perfect combo of new and natural. The set’s curved edges add a softness and the canister’s lid resembles the unique sea creature itself.
  14. Dark Horn
    Lark Soap Pump Shop collection
    Lark Soap Pump
    Our Lark bath collection is a showstopper in dazzling, multicolored horn tiles, laid by hand for an artful effect.
  15. Aged Camel Full-Grain Leather
    Lorient Soap Pump Shop collection
    Lorient Soap Pump
    Padded leather bath collection in four colors.
  16. Kabibe Shell
    Lugano Soap Pump Shop collection
    Lugano Soap Pump
    Iridescent kabibe shell bath collection.
  17. Light Gray Capiz
    Melfi Soap Pump Shop collection
    Melfi Soap Pump
    Glamorous capiz shell bath collection in two colors.
  18. Faux Clamstone with Brass
    Palermo II Soap Pump Shop collection
    Palermo II Soap Pump
    This handsome faux clamstone bath collection has a nuanced striation and a new brass trim.
    More sizes available
  19. Bright White Marine Leather
    Rothwell Soap Pump Shop collection
    Rothwell Soap Pump
    The yacht leather in the Rothwell collection creates a durable and water-resistant collection appropriate for high-use locations.
  20. Natural Capiz Rattan
    Salerno Soap Pump Shop collection
    Salerno Soap Pump
    White capiz shell meets honey-hued rattan.
  21. Cream Corn Husk
    Samui Soap Pump Shop collection
    Samui Soap Pump
    Versatile corn husk bath collection.
  22. Black Lacquer Resin
    Solin Soap Pump Shop collection
    Solin Soap Pump
    Ridged resin bath collection creates movement.
  23. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Tenby Soap Pump Shop collection
    Tenby Soap Pump
    Stunning bath collection in our signature faux shagreen with an elevated rounded corner detail. Appropriate for the most discriminating bathrooms.
  24. Natural Laminated Oyster
    Tramore Soap Pump Shop collection
    Tramore Soap Pump
    Iridescent shell veneer collection with a smooth surface.