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  1. Marbleized Young Pen Shell
    Adana Soap Dish Shop collection
    Adana Soap Dish
    Marbleized shell collection with a wide range of natural color.
  2. Pearlized Capiz
    Andria Soap Dish Shop collection
    Andria Soap Dish
    Elegant Capiz shell bath collection.
    More sizes available
  3. Gold Lacquered Eggshell
    Callas Soap Dish Shop collection
    Callas Soap Dish
    An elegant mosaic of lacquered, cracked eggshell, this collection now includes a large, rectangular tissue box.
    More sizes available
  4. Young Pen Shell
    Cannes Soap Dish Shop collection
    Cannes Soap Dish
    Add an instant air of sophistication to your décor with the tortoise shell-like elegance of our Cannes collection. The tray’s large surface best highlights its unique pattern.
  5. Brass Mix Shell/Metal Mix
    Cortona Soap Dish Shop collection
    Cortona Soap Dish
    Add some understated glamour with the Cortona’s sparkle. Clamstone and troca shells show the offset pattern’s shimmer while metal rods add the shine. Go with brass to warm up a space, or cool it down with silver.
  6. Natural Oyster Shell
    Enna Soap Dish Shop collection
    Enna Soap Dish
    Evocative and bold oyster shell bath collection.
  7. Smoked Herringbone Capiz
    Handa Soap Dish Shop collection
    Handa Soap Dish
    The Handa’s subtle shimmer of capiz shell set in a classy herringbone pattern is a perfect pairing of grace and glamour. Choose from two finishes—smoked or pearlized.
  8. Black Terrazzo Shell
    Kensington Soap Dish Shop collection
    Kensington Soap Dish
    Retro, modern, feminine, and sleek all describe the Kensington. The multi-colored and multi-layered hues of Mother-of-Pearl amplify the Black Terrazzo technique. Shades of blacks and grays catch light in a lyrical—almost otherworldly—way.
  9. Kabibe Shell
    Lugano Soap Dish Shop collection
    Lugano Soap Dish
    Iridescent kabibe shell bath collection.
  10. Light Gray Capiz
    Melfi Soap Dish Shop collection
    Melfi Soap Dish
    Glamorous capiz shell bath collection in two colors.
  11. Silver MOP Shell
    Moritz Soap Dish Shop collection
    Moritz Soap Dish
    Heirloom-worthy bath collection with hand-placed mother-of-pearl.
  12. Emerald Shell
    Palm Beach Soap Dish Shop collection
    Palm Beach Soap Dish
    Opulent deep green shell bath collection.
  13. Natural Capiz Rattan
    Salerno Soap Dish Shop collection
    Salerno Soap Dish
    White capiz shell meets honey-hued rattan.
  14. Dark Blue Pen Shell
    Santorini Soap Dish Shop collection
    Santorini Soap Dish
    Striking Grecian blue shell bath collection.
  15. Blue Limpet Shell
    Sitges Soap Dish Shop collection
    Sitges Soap Dish
    Handmade limpet shell bath collection.
  16. Natural Laminated Oyster
    Tramore Soap Dish Shop collection
    Tramore Soap Dish
    Iridescent shell veneer collection with a smooth surface.