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  1. Antiqued Gold Antique Mirror
    Atwater Soap Dish Shop collection
    Atwater Soap Dish
    Antiqued mirror bath collection with silver or gold-leafed wood trim.
  2. Shiny Nickel Etched Metal
    Buren Soap Dish Shop collection
    Buren Soap Dish
    Eye-catching etched nickel bath collection. Bring some gleam to a clean, modern bath.
  3. Gold Lacquered Eggshell
    Callas Soap Dish Shop collection
    Callas Soap Dish
    An elegant mosaic of lacquered, cracked eggshell, this collection now includes a large, rectangular tissue box.
    More sizes available
  4. Silver Medallion Painted Mirror
    Caro Soap Dish Shop collection
    Caro Soap Dish
    Delicate, reverse-painted mirror is antiqued and finished with silver detailing. Glamorous Gold or Shimmery Silver add a touch of classic luxury to any space.
  5. Antique Brass Wavy Etched Stainless Steel
    Elgin Soap Dish Shop collection
    Elgin Soap Dish
    Wavy etching gives the Elgin an elegant look, illuminated by a polished finish.
  6. Pewter Faux Baby Crocodile
    Hawen Soap Dish Shop collection
    Hawen Soap Dish
    The edgy yet elegant look of our Hawen is cast from authentic crocodile, giving it an eye-catchingly nuanced texture.
  7. Black Nickel Ridged Metal
    Humbolt Soap Dish Shop collection
    Humbolt Soap Dish
    Wood-grain etching gives a natural edge to our elegant Humbolt. Rolled edges and a nice heft exemplify the collection’s exquisite quality.
    More sizes available
  8. Silver Mix Romblon Stone/Shell
    Luzia Soap Dish Shop collection
    Luzia Soap Dish
    Romblon stone, shell and silver metal are set in a vertical, variegated pattern to craft the Luzia collection.
  9. Silver MOP Shell
    Moritz Soap Dish Shop collection
    Moritz Soap Dish
    Heirloom-worthy bath collection with hand-placed mother-of-pearl.
  10. Metallic Frost Painted Glass
    Nora Soap Dish Shop collection
    Nora Soap Dish
    Antiqued mirror is crafted to replicate a Metallic Frost finish. Rounded edges complete the look.
  11. Cream Tortoise Painted Mirror
    Padua Soap Dish Shop collection
    Padua Soap Dish
    Cream-hued painted tortoise design over shiny mirror.
  12. Brushed Gold Glass/Stainless Steel
    Pomaria Soap Dish Shop collection
    Pomaria Soap Dish
    Subtly glamorous, our Pomaria bath collection brightens a bathroom with light-catching crackled glass accented in brushed gold, brushed silver, or dark bronze.
  13. Black Nickel Ribbed Metal
    Redon Soap Dish Shop collection
    Redon Soap Dish
    The antiqued brass and black nickel set can elevate an industrial setting, or pair the shiny nickel with glass accessories for an Art Deco feel.
    More sizes available
  14. Antique Brass Textured Stainless Steel
    Remy Soap Dish Shop collection
    Remy Soap Dish
    Abstract textured stainless steel is luxurious and timeless. Available in three distinct finishes, perfect for any space.
  15. Antique Optic Painted Mirror
    Salara Soap Dish Shop collection
    Salara Soap Dish
    Painted mirror with Atomic Age pattern.
  16. Antiqued Gold Silver Leaf
    Tanlay Soap Dish Shop collection
    Tanlay Soap Dish
    Silver leaf bath collection.
  17. Antique Brass Hammered Metal
    Verum Soap Dish Shop collection
    Verum Soap Dish
    Hand-hammered metal bath collection. Shiny or matte.
  18. Gray Strips Painted Mirror
    Waterford Soap Dish Shop collection
    Waterford Soap Dish
    Antique-styled striped mirror collection with gray trim.