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  1. Pewter Brass
    Adelaide Soap Dish Shop collection
    Adelaide Soap Dish
    This bath collection's textured stripes—crafted from matte metallics over brass—give the bathroom a clean, polished look. Rounded corners enhance the shine of each piece.
  2. Pearlized Capiz
    Andria Soap Dish Shop collection
    Andria Soap Dish
    Elegant Capiz shell bath collection.
    More sizes available
  3. Navy Faux Horn
    Arles Soap Dish Shop collection
    Arles Soap Dish
    Silky and sleek faux horn collection. Now available in light gray!
    More sizes available
  4. Beige Marble
    Athlone Soap Dish Shop collection
    Athlone Soap Dish
    Athlone is crafted from panels of marble strategically placed to showcase the material's natural striations and stripes. The marble's thickness and sharp corners give this beigey, neutral collection a certain crispness.
  5. Cream Faux Marble Horn
    Bordeaux Soap Dish Shop collection
    Bordeaux Soap Dish
    Rose, graphite, and cream lightly swirl through tiles of faux marble horn that make our Bordeaux collection look exceptionally lovely in any bathroom.
  6. Charcoal Faux Silk
    Bruges Soap Dish Shop collection
    Bruges Soap Dish
    The delicate look of fabric with the longevity of resin. Hand-finished with wood trim.
  7. Gray Burlap Ceramic
    Cordoba Soap Dish Shop collection
    Cordoba Soap Dish
    Ceramic bath collection with burlap texture.
  8. White Faux Belgian Linen
    Dannes Soap Dish Shop collection
    Dannes Soap Dish
    Waxed faux belgian linen collection. A favorite Pigeon & Poodle finish. Now available in true navy!
  9. Natural Bagor Grass
    Ghent Soap Dish Shop collection
    Ghent Soap Dish
    Textured woven grass bath collection.
  10. Dark Mushroom Faux Boa
    Goa Soap Dish Shop collection
    Goa Soap Dish
    Get an understated edge thanks to the eye-catching boa of our Goa collection. Each piece, topped with a wood veneer trim, showcases the highs and lows of the pattern's color and texture.
  11. Smoked Herringbone Capiz
    Handa Soap Dish Shop collection
    Handa Soap Dish
    The Handa's subtle shimmer of capiz shell set in a classy herringbone pattern is a perfect pairing of grace and glamour. Choose from two finishes—smoked or pearlized.
  12. Bleached Rattan
    Kona Soap Dish Shop collection
    Kona Soap Dish
    Bring island life to your everyday with the sophisticated rattan of our Kona collection. The pieces are set in resin for easy cleaning.
  13. Aged Camel Full-Grain Leather
    Lorient Soap Dish Shop collection
    Lorient Soap Dish
    Padded leather bath collection in four colors.
  14. Black Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Manchester Soap Dish Shop collection
    Manchester Soap Dish
    Every piece is crafted to highlight the natural “eye" pattern inspired by authentic shagreen, and topped with a veneer trim.Now available in black!
    More sizes available
  15. Beige Abaca/White Resin
    Maranello Soap Dish Shop collection
    Maranello Soap Dish
    Abaca bath collection evokes serenity. Resin-coated and lined with painted wood.
  16. Light Gray Capiz
    Melfi Soap Dish Shop collection
    Melfi Soap Dish
    Glamorous capiz shell bath collection in two colors.
  17. Gray Romblon Stone
    Milan Soap Dish Shop collection
    Milan Soap Dish
    Striated Romblon stone bath collection. Perfect with both black and white.
  18. Clear Acrylic/Chartreuse
    Monette Soap Dish Shop collection
    Monette Soap Dish
    The Monette is a modern and clearly cool bath collection in edgy acrylic. Available in all-clear, or with gray or chartreuse detailing.
  19. Bright White Marine Leather
    Rothwell Soap Dish Shop collection
    Rothwell Soap Dish
    The yacht leather in the Rothwell collection creates a durable and water-resistant collection appropriate for high-use locations.
  20. Antiqued Gold Silver Leaf
    Tanlay Soap Dish Shop collection
    Tanlay Soap Dish
    Silver leaf bath collection.
  21. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Tenby Soap Dish Shop collection
    Tenby Soap Dish
    Stunning bath collection in our signature faux shagreen with an elevated rounded corner detail. Appropriate for the most discriminating bathrooms.
  22. Gray Polished Marble
    Veneto Soap Dish Shop collection
    Veneto Soap Dish
    Solid marble bath collection. Grays vary piece to piece.
  23. Gray Marble Lacquered Wood
    Vigo Soap Dish Shop collection
    Vigo Soap Dish
    Rich and invigorating bath collection with gray, cream, and brown tones.