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  1. Emerald Gloss Vellum Leather
    Carlow Brush Holder Shop collection
    Carlow Brush Holder
    Faux vellum bath collection with shiny lacquer.
  2. Black Marble Lacquered Wood
    Micco Brush Holder Shop collection
    Micco Brush Holder
    This opulent, marble-esque swirl pattern is designed on lacquered wood and is a refreshing bathroom statement. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, just like its marble inspiration. Now available in black marble!
  3. Clear Acrylic/Gray
    Monette Brush Holder Shop collection
    Monette Brush Holder
    The Monette is a modern and clearly cool bath collection in edgy acrylic. Available in all-clear, or with gray or chartreuse detailing.
  4. Emerald Shell
    Palm Beach Brush Holder Shop collection
    Palm Beach Brush Holder
    Opulent deep green shell bath collection.
  5. Faux Malachite
    Porter Brush Holder Shop collection
    Porter Brush Holder
    Handcrafted from emerald faux malachite, our Porter collection introduces opulence to the bathroom and vanity.
  6. Cool Gray Realistic Faux Shagreen
    Tenby Brush Holder Shop collection
    Tenby Brush Holder
    Stunning bath collection in our signature faux shagreen with an elevated rounded corner detail. Appropriate for the most discriminating bathrooms.
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