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  1. White Patterned Teak/Natural
    Akita Shop collection
    Tribal-inspired boxes laser-etched in chalk paint.
    More sizes available
  2. Gold Faux Bois Print Bone
    Albury Shop collection
    Box of Gold Faux Bois print on bone with organically hued sides is both artistic and natural. The shiny woodgrain is paired with a rustic canvas interior.
    More sizes available
  3. Bleached Banana Bark
    Arue Shop collection
    Umbrella stand in knotted Banana Bark. Metal tray liner included.
  4. Turquoise Raffia
    Bayan Shop collection
    Cool and casual woven raffia boxes.
    More sizes available
  5. Bellac
    Bellac Shop collection
    Mottled marble boxes.
    More sizes available
  6. White Ceramic/Black
    Biella Shop collection
    Graphic black-and-white striped ceramic umbrella stand in two sizes. Due to the nature of glaze on ceramic, edges of black may show color bleed with an organic blue-green halo, giving each piece a unique artisan's touch.
  7. Raspberry Cotton Jute
    Blarney Shop collection
    Cotton jute boxes with candy stripe detail. Now available in Dark Yellow!
    More sizes available
  8. Chester
    Chester Shop collection
    Updated cigar-style box set in shiny metal.
  9. Dizier
    Dizier Shop collection
    Onyx boxes with beautiful gradations.
    More sizes available
  10. Dozza
    Dozza Shop collection
    Versatile leather boxes with rounded corners and padded lid.
    More sizes available
  11. Glossy White Ceramic
    Edmonton Shop collection
    Versatile ceramic honeycomb umbrella stand.
  12. Dark Gray Concrete
    Elrick Shop collection
    Classic column umbrella stand. Outdoor-approved.
  13. Gold Palm Leaf Print Bone
    Elysian Shop collection
    Patterned box of Gold Palm Leaf print on bone with canvas lining.
    More sizes available
  14. Dark Gray Concrete
    Laval Shop collection
    Our weather-resistant umbrella stand features a faux bois pattern etched in concrete.
  15. Green Mix Ceramic
    Lienz Shop collection
  16. Bleached Natural Abaca Fiber
    Linares Shop collection
    Simple and sweet, our lidded Linares box is made of natural abaca fiber and leather strings.
  17. Perforated Navy Full-Grain Leather
    Lowell Shop collection
    Simple forms from a distance, these boxes draw the eye in with their vibrant Navy color and distinguished full-grain leather material that has been perforated for added interest. Available in three sizes.
    More sizes available
  18. Green Tie Dye Abaca
    Maili Shop collection
    Tie-dye boxes in shiny abaca with light rattan lining.
    More sizes available
  19. Mixed Gray Rattan
    Malta Shop collection
    Rattan Collection available in Light Natural and Mixed Gray.
  20. Rustic White Stoneware
    Maribo Shop collection
    A ceramic umbrella stand with handcrafted charm.
  21. Cream Corn Husk
    Miri Shop collection
    Natural corn husk boxes.
    More sizes available
  22. Warm Gray Full-Grain Leather
    Retford Shop collection
    Handsome full-grain leather box in two neutrals.
    More sizes available
  23. Crackled Gold Ceramic
    Rovigo Shop collection
    Whimsical ceramic faux bois umbrella stand in two colors.
  24. Selby
    Selby Shop collection
    Aged Camel leather boxes with white stitching.
    More sizes available
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